Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Errata and Manahatta

(Updated 3-31-05; I think I was confusing AAP with Poetry Daily)

Shame on me. A couple days ago I mentioned AAP's Poem-A-Day, but I hadn't taken the time understand the details of this year's program. I think it's a great gift that AAP will be exposing us to new poems this year. Maybe the poems selected will be from this list.

While I was verifying my mistake, I spent a few minutes on the AAP site to see what else I'd missed, and sure enough, found something worth calling your attention to: the DC Celebrates Walt Whitman exhibit. The events (especially the Leaves of Grass Marathon Reading) look to be terrific, and the Links page, filled with excellent Whitman references and other events celebrating the 15th anniversary of the 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass, is another gift worth checking out.

Many thanks to Robin from AAP who took the time to find my mistake and correct it. Oh, and Robin, if you get a chance, please tell Accounts Receivable my annual dues are in the mail....

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