Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Brief Interruption

At the risk of disrupting my train of thought, there are few bits of SSP (Shameless Self-Promotion) to get out of the way:

  • The Edison Literary Review has accepted my poem "The Good Thing About Rain" for the 2005 issue.
  • Last Friday night I received the Robert Reed Service Award from The Center for the Performing Arts at DeBaun Auditorium. It recognizes significant volunteer efforts for bringing arts to the communities around Hoboken and Stevens Insititute of Technology.
  • This quiz, which I found first at C. Dale's place, seems to think I'm John Ashbery ("People love your work but have no idea why, really. You are respected by all kinds of scholars and poets. Even artists like you."). That's an interesting fit; I'd have thought I was more Wallace Stevens. Or I would have if I thought I deserved to be mentioned in the same paragraph as either of them, that is.
  • We announced the 2005-2006 season of The Spoken Word Series last week. Quality poets of several styles, some personal essay; local editors, local newspaper columnist. Watch the site for names and bios appearing over the summer.

We will shortly return you to your regularly scheduled series of blatherings about voice.

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jeannine said...

Congrats on the acceptance and the award, David :)