Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The Land-Grant College Review, a journal of short fiction out of NYC, has just published its third issue. I heard about LGCR early in its existence: I had just started planning year 2 of my reading series about the time the editorial team at LGCR was pulling Issue 1 together. We had a good fit, since I was determined to include literary forms other than poetry in my series and they were interested in showing off their wares in as many places as possible. Only thing is... I failed to produce an audience for them. It was early in both our life cycles, for sure, but LGCR procuded three readers, and I only turned up two for the audience. Counting me. They were very gracious about the whole thing.

Anyway, LGCR has continued to grow. There are many stories available in their archive and feature pages, which I encourage you to visit. Blogger
Laurel Snyder is credited as an editor-at-large and had an interview in Issue 1.

And it Josh, Dave or Tara is reading this - our audiences now typically number larger than 3 if you're interested in stopping by again!

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