Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stuff and Fluff

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Ireland and Scotland. I was chagrined to find myself on a completely different hotel floor from the rest of my party until I got off the elevator (Sorry - the LIFT)and was greeted by a bust of Yeats. Purpose for everything and all that. Turns out there was a najor figure from Irish history on ever floor - who better to greet an aspiring writer?

Missed a great week here, though - Two things I'd like to have been more on top of:

Less great was receiving the formal written let-down from Steel Toe's open reading period (though the news of the winners was long since out). Not that I was expecting it, but a thin SASE in your mailbox is always a little dispriting, no?

Dodge Festival schedule STILL isn't up, and I've heard that at least one of the featured readers doesn't know what day she's reding on yet. But I've also heard that The Poets of NJ will be reading on Saturday evening - Plan to be there if you haven't caught any of this group's road show yet.

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Poets Online said...

Seems that the Dodge festival schedule is pretty complete now - ( 2 cancellations at Dodge listed recently)

Poets Online blog at

links there to that and also the 1 day, free Whitman Festival in Ocean Grove.