Monday, January 14, 2008

Changes & Miscellany

For those keeping track on your Detective Note Sheets, there are a few recent changes to the column that disappears off the page to your right. I deleted few links to blogs of folks taking permanent or externally imposed hiatuses, and included some more compatriot art links in the Useful Sites section. Which reminds me, I just got an update from my ENIAC administrator that my main site is in need of update. Need a new cursor for my slide rule, too.

I need to apologize the good folks who have added me as friends in Goodreads. I just haven't thought to post reviews there, and I admit to having the "if you can't say anything nice" switch toggled on in my internal editor at the moment. But I'm centrally located between started and done on a variety of Christmas presents at the moment, and promise a writeup on at least one of them this month.

I'm thinking if the Giants and the Bolts can get that far, maybe I can win that contest I entered.

Saw several "seven things" lists on other bloggers' sites recently, and I started two of my own: "Seven things you should never say first after finishing a friend's new poem", and "Seven reasons engineers should make good poets". One list I'm having trouble pruning to seven, one list I'm stuck at two. You decide which is which. And come back later this week to see one of them posted.

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