Friday, February 22, 2008

Fifty-fifth place?

Well, my manuscript wasn't one of the top 54 finishers in the Concrete Wolf Chapbook contest. A little disappointing, since this contest openly prefers themes, so I thought I'd have a chance for a good reception, but I'm not discouraged. I'm actually more discouraged by how crappily Blogger has been behaving for me lately - this is the first time in 6 tries over the last two weeks I've gotten as far as the "New Post" screen! I know the problem is at least partially the fault of my archaic and soon to be replaced dialup access, but STILL!

Also realizing lately that I've gotten far away from my strengths in the submission game. Someone once told me that I had probably the only submission tracking system that was potentially ISO 9000 certifiable (I mean, I had form numbers!). Shopping myself out to teach some workshops this spring, I realize I'm not in that kind of record-keeping shape anymore: No neat proposal form, no ready-to-print synopses of my prepared workshops, etc. Shameful for an engineer. Just shameful.

So it's back to what I'm good at to restart the engines: Alphabetize the poetry library in the basement to facilitate access. Refresh the portfolio binders and weed them - thoroughly. Get my notebooks typed in and my drafts onto the screen - or they'll never get finished and to the page. This is where being a project manager is mighty handy. Mighty handy.

And for the two of you who understood the ISO reference without following the link: Yes, I'm still writing poetry.

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well just keep at it