Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bits, Pieces, and Six Words

I haven't forgotten Diane's challenge to write a 6-word autobiography. I think I need help with a word; if you can figure out which one, feel free to offer suggestions:

Calculated legacy: preferring potential and possibilities.

I'll post the rules with my refinement of this attempt or my admission that it's not going to get better.

I don't know who to tag (everyone on my blogroll who might play is already tagged), so consider yourselves tagged, oh my six loyal readers.



Wil Wheaton has a great story posted to memorialize Gary Gygax, dead this week at 69. There are just so many ways that Dungeons and Dragons and all its descendants have impacted the lives of geeks of my generation. D&D was certainly my first outlet for embodying characters. I'd performed on stage, and written a little before my introduction in the 9th grade, but it was always as me. What ability I have to travel in my writing acting started when I wrote "12" next to the "S" to start creating a character I'd inhabit dozens of times in the next 8 years. Tony, you up for a game?


The '08-'09 season of the Spoken Word Series is coming together. I've got to keep the deal under wraps until we announce, but it's safe to say my fears of running out of steam going into year 7(?!) have not materialized. Can't take all the credit of course: Two important pillars of our success are
Symposia Bookstore, who rescued the series from the Physics Building lecture hall after our first sub-cozy half season, and Siobhan Barry-Bratcher of Fair Mile Books, who took on the mantle of cohosting just as it was becoming a bit too much for me.


In hopes of lining up a grammar school workshop or two this April, I've been reading
Seeing the Blue, Advice for Young Poets, which has letters from and example poems by a quite diverse set of writers intent on making the process accessible and the product fun for aspiring writers. It's really a nice book, and I derived a new exercise from it.... which I'll share here after I've had a chance to try it out!


If you've been thinking to yourself how few publishing opportunities are coming your way, you're obviously not signed up to the
Creative Writers Opportunities List. Listings very greatly (in "level", prestige, competitiveness, genre, etc.) but there is plenty to choose from for an advanced amateur such as myself.


I see now that my January posting pace was unsustainable, but my February pace was unacceptable. Any questions for the engineer-poet to prompt a March reply and help me regain my momentum?

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Diane Lockward said...

Is the problem word "and"? I know I wrestled with that one when I did my memoir. I didn't want to waste one of my six words on an empty word. But it was really hard to avoid such words, though I did eventually.