Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Also known as the capstone to Florist's Liberation Week. To all those mothers I haven't greeted personally today: Hope your day was filled with love, appreciation, and a nap.

I don't have a good poem to quote today because I've lent out all my Maria Gillan books and no one else I know speaks nicely of their mothers (gentle corrections welcome in the comments). I have, however, run across several books I've been meaning to move to the top of the reread pile while skimming for excerpts.

This is the middle of family obligation busy season in our house, counting the birthdays and anniversaries that show up every year and the band and soccer events that are new to the dance card in 2008. But we did find time to get together with old friends this weekend to see a show performed in our old theatrical stomping grounds. Our kids seemed to hit it off famously, which was wonderful. And scary. And unexpected. And typical.

Confidential to over there on Mother's Day: They meant every word, and I didn't coach them at all. Honest.

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