Saturday, August 02, 2008

Acceptance, Rejection, Anticipation

Acceptance * 2: Diane Lockward's "Seventh-Grade Science Project", originally published in the Harvard Review, was Friday's post to Poetry Daily. Let me zoom in on a meaningless detail to show you where my head's been this week: I took note of the proper use of the hyphen in the title and was completely aware that it biased me toward enjoying the poem before I reached the first line. Not that I need such bias; Diane's a terrific poet, and I'm not just saying that in case I run into her at Shop-Rite. Congrats, Diane!

Rejection = Acceptance?: Here's a different twist on things. There's a new journal online called "Redheaded Stepchild", which will only accept poems rejected elswhere, putting into practice the philosphy that "a lot of kickass poetry gets rejected, and we thought it would be fun to publish only previously rejected poems." They do not guarantee publication. What does it mean to be rejected by an editor that prefers rejects?

Ancitipation: 55 days to Dodge. The schedule's not posted yet but the appearing poets page has been stable for a few weeks, so it should be any day. The roster of NJ poets is really quite good, including Evie Shockley. Here are a few of her works, for your enjoyment.

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