Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Few Entries Appropriate To My Attention Span At The Moment

So I'm thinking...
  • that I hope the person who bet me $20 that the northeastern US would never see $2 gas again will do the honorable thing and come forward... I've forgotten who I made the wager with.
  • that you should get two parenting points when you spend two weeks deeply afraid of something and your kids don't acquire that fear. Two more when you realize they've picked something up after all and have inherited your bravado glands.
  • that Saint Ignatius was right: to teach people, you need to "(go) in at their door and come out at (your/His) own".
  • that the more I consider the evolution of technology and the evolution of arts, the more poets look like buggy drivers. More on this in December.
  • that covering economics, parenting, catechetics (teaching), and poetry in one post means I'm probably better off doing something else....

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rhapsodicme said...

David, if you have any concern at all about the sad saga that the Dodge will be downsized if not completely eradicated for 2010, I hope you will email me at I have decided that if President Obama says "Yes We Can" Together we can do anything, then I am determined to see the Dodge move forward bigger and better than ever. I already have pledges of support from Bill Moyers, Robert Bly and Franz Wright. Please contact me if you can help me here in NJ