Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unleashing the Poet on the PMs!

I think it's OK to talk about this, as the commitments have all been made. Did you notice a few days ago where I mentioned channeling the creative impulse over to the professional side of myself? (Not that we're not all professionals as published poets, that is... Oh, you know what I mean.) Well, I'm happy to report some positive outcome of said channeling.

My proposal for a talk to be given as part of the Project Management Institute's annual New Jersey Chapter Symposium has been accepted! Now, some of you are wrinkling your noses; don't lie, I understand completely. But I can promise you two things: First, those of you who have also spent some time with creative nonfiction understand that there is still impulse and the talent required in that arena.

Second, you can bet your tercet that the folks who attend my talk are going to know they've been hearing from a poet. Well, maybe not that, exactly, but they're sure as heck not going to get the same old same old that professional conferences tend to offer up. This particular conference is known for being a bit irreverent; several years ago one of the talks was "Management Lessons from Meatloaf" (the singer, not the supper). If I don't come across in the same useful but entertaining vein, I will have failed myself.

I'll sit on the details until the conference materials are available on the website, but if you're local to NJ and can provide a passable definition of the term "Earned Value Management" without following the link, you may want to keep May 4 free and visit for more details.

I'm very excited about this. Does it show?

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