Friday, September 02, 2005

Pace Yourself

I'm thoroughly enjoying the current issue of Smartish Pace. Like a ball-player in his last year, this journal made its best effort in the last issue of my subscription. Among the delights:

  • Denise Duhamel's "eBay Sonnets", a linked series of 7 sonnets treating her poetic habits as auction items
  • Seven efforts by Bob Hicok, who is always worth a read
  • Emily Lloyd recalling an evening preparing to be Jackson Pollack on a difficult night
  • 32 Poems' John Poch collaborating on some hockey haiku

The whole issue is quite good. Smartish Pace cares more about the order of the works it offers, and particularly about poem sequences by single authors than many journals do (or so it seems to me), and remains a place to find interesting translations. You should think about subscribing.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I've often thought the same thing: Smartish Pace is one of the FEW magazines that pays close attention to the order of the poems. Their issues read more like books than a random collection of poems. Great magazine, I too like the new issue.