Thursday, November 24, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving!

Things writers should be grateful for today:
  • An always-refillable well of inspiration
  • A plethora of good writers to emulate and good teachers to learn from, if you're willing to spend just a few minutes to seek them out
  • The proliferation of resources for us in Internetland, ranging from exercises to do, to legal form templates, to places to advertise our readings, to an infinite stream of distractions should we choose not to write today.
  • Our ability to be moved by words, and our desire to similarly move with our own; that sometimes, words you write and forget about show up somewhere and affect someone,

I'm also very grateful for everyone who's taken time to comment here over the last however-many months I've been using this space to refocus myself on creative writing. You are an accomplished crowd, and I enjoy the chance to learn from you whenever I can.

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