Friday, December 02, 2005

Google, Sparky, Holiday Spirit

Item the first: I got this from Peter, who got it from a number of others: Go to, type in "(your name) needs" and collect the first lines from the first page of hits.

Why Dirty David needs a wash...
What David needs most is support from a stable and harmonious family.
David needs to roar with pride.
David needs prayers.
But David needs to be able to do this work independently.
David needs a wash.
Dave needs more volunteers for the following campaign activities:
Semi Driver tries to kill David, David needs help with revenge.

Not exactly a Google poem, but pretty funny, and definitely a good poemstarter. Peter's is better, by the way.

Item the next: I'm almost over my cold, meaning the rasp in my chest has quieted enough for me to hear myself thinking. I missed a lot in the last week, including Charles Schulz's birthday. I know I'm not the only one inspired by Sparky as a kid, but I'm always surprised at the number of people who cite Peanuts as a formative reference, in lines of work from writing to preaching to performing to engineering to teaching. I'm going to try to articulate all the crannies of my life that owe something to Sparky. Gonna take me a while, but I'll post it eventually.

Item the last: Every year I write a poem in celebration of Christmas, based on some image that elbows its way into my head during early shopping. But this year I'm doing most of my shopping online, and my wife is doing (as always) the lioness's share of the joint gift acquisition. Time for a new inspiration generator. What images does the word "Christmas" produce in your home?


Peter said...

David: I like you "David needs" esp the "David needs help with revenge".

Christmas for me always produces the image of a *star*. This year we have those unfolding paper Mexican 5-pointed stars, that hang upside down, with a light bulb in the middle. Lovely.

David Vincenti said...

Well, according to Google, I need help with both revenge and removing dirt from my person. I still say yours is better.

Interesting, the star hasn't come up in 8 years of writing these Christmas poems. Decorations, shopping, winter, a donkey (trust me), but not a star. Hmmm.