Saturday, March 24, 2007

All out of Sprynch

Spring/Synch, get it? Snow all over my yard, but it's spring, and that's a great analogy for how I'm managing my time right now?

Yeah, that's about how organized my writings are at the moment. Which is why I haven't posted my chess/poetry thesis again. Tom's comments deserve a response that has been decently proofread.

Anyway, this doesn't mean good things aren't happening.

I've also got my manuscript distilled to pithy chapbook form for spring deadlines (and am understanding its weaknesses more now), I have the 07-08 season of the series in Hoboken just about booked, and have actually transcribed my "notebook" (a tape recorder I usually do my composing on) for the first time in 6 months. So there's stuff, just not organized enough to tell you about today. I'm even feeling up to posting a draft next time. Just to see how good Jeannine's mood really is (Just kidding!).

See you next weekend.

1 comment:

jeannine said...

As long as the sunshine continues here in Seattle, I'll be in a good mood. But no telling what I'll do if the 40 degrees-and-rain sets back in...LOL.