Friday, December 16, 2005

NJ: Finding An Identity

Maureen has been reminding us locals that the state of New Jersey is looking for a new slogan. You can go right now and vote for one of these finalists:

  • New Jersey, Expect the Unexpected
  • New Jersey, Love at First Sight
  • New Jersey, Come See For Yourself
  • New Jersey, The Real Deal
  • New Jersey, The Best Kept Secret

There is no write in vote, so you can't opt for any of these these fine attempts that didn't make the final hurdle:

  • New Jersey, You Got a Problem With That?
  • New Jersey, What Are You Looking At?
  • New Jersey: Tolls and Taxes
  • New Jersey: Close Enough to Get There By Train

None of which irks me near as much as Pennsylvania's old slogan: Pennsylvania, America Starts Here (with its corrolary, Pennsylvania, Those Last 90 Miles Were Just a Bad Dream).

In Gravedigger's Birthday, BJ Ward described NJ as "the short imperfect loveliness of groundhog". Doesn't work on a bumper sticker, but that may be the best way to sum it up.

What state is your state in?

1 comment:

Peter said...

David: I love "New Jersey, You Got a Problem With That?" It would make Tony Soprano smile.

Washington: Land of Liquid Sunshine

Washington: You've Got Mail!

Washington: Will That Be for Here or To Go?