Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Santa! Bring me a Workshop!

Martha Brockenbrough talks about the miracle of children sleeping on Christmas Eve in the latest Mommy Chronicle. If you'd like to retain your holiday spirit for another day or two, you should pop over right away.

When you're done there, and while you're still positive about the year's potential, make plans to invest in yourself and your writing. Here are three excellent opportunities for said investment:

The thirteenth annual Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway is coming up in just a couple weeks. As usual, Peter Murphy has assembled an amazing cast of instructors, including Renee Ashley, Kurt Brown, Cat Doty, James Richardson, Doug Goetsch, Lois Harrod, Madeline Tiger, and many others I'm doing a disservice by not listing here. If you have four days to devote to your writing, you should spend it here.

While that's going on, I'll be back at The Center, getting ready for our first-ever day of workshops - Giving Life to Words: Penning, Performing, and Publishing your Creative Writing. Smaller than the Getaway, but packed full of pen-energizing goodness, our event features workshops with Edwin Romond, Faith Vicinanza, and George Witte. Spend one Sunday afternoon in Hoboken (1/22, to be precise), and get ready to manage your momentum when it's over.

Looking ahead, and for the more ambitious, planning is complete for the Solstice Summer Writer's Conference at Pine Manor College. The ever-enterprising Meg Kearney (whose excellent new book The Secret of Me will get proper attention from me soon) has put together a terrific week, with the promise that there will never be more than 12 students in any workshop.

If only there were time enough for all....

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Martha Brockenbrough said...

Good luck with all your writing workshops!