Friday, May 08, 2009

A From-the-Public Service Announcement on the NJ Gubernatorial

I know I don't usually get political here, but.....

Dear Competing Candidates: I will be voting in the NJ Republican gubernatorial primary. I have been attempting to sort through your respective credentials as available in the objective data of the public record so as to make an intelligent choice, representing the best potential for New Jersey.


As of this moment, I have decided that the next one of you whose auto-dialing computers leaves a prerecorded three-minute diatribe about the other's shortcomings will officially be scratched from any future consideration on my part.


Should the other of you follow up with a message of similar slant at any time between now and the primary, you will also be scratched from my personal slate.


Please provide me with evidence of your qualifications. And let me decide. And be quiet until the debate. Please?

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