Monday, December 20, 2004

Reinhabiting a Poem

If you are a poet who is not familiar with the practice of reading, or are curious how an incredibly accomplished poet approaches the prospect of a live audience, check out Ron Silliman's blog today. Without meaning to place my own work in his class, I agree completely when he talks about memory of his own work, and about the theatrical practice of preparaing to read. I had assumed that it was my background, both as an engineer and CTCR veteran (Community Theater Comedy Relief) that led me to need a quiet practice space.

Guess not.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

True to the Red and Gray

I'd like to thank Blogger for creating a template that uses the colors of Stevens Institute of Technology, where I spent a few years of my life. If you're curious what sort of artistry can be assocaited with a school known for engineering and entrepreneurship, visit The Office of Performing Arts at Stevens and see for yourself.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Why "Cosmic Liverwurst"?

Because I knew it wouldn't be taken?

Actually, if you were wondering what the name of this space is all about, the complete answer is over (look for the link at the bottom of the news archive), and it derives from my earliest experiences with Googlewhacking. I'm amazed at the number of pages that Google turned up for the search string "accordionist poet.

Googlewhacking is a silly game, but it did get me thinking about just how unique certain pairings of words are can be. I'll leave you to pull up my old essay if such a thought seems likewise interesting to you.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Begin Here...

If you have found your way here, you are clearly wondering (1) who it was who posted that obviously well-meaning but really obscure comment on your last entry, (2) whether it is possible for someone with a primarily technical education to produce literary art of any merit, or (3) how in the world someone would put the words "cosmic" and "liverwurst" next to each in (get this...) an attempt to be taken seriously.

Good questions all.

All I can hope is that you'll find your way to if I've done my job, your answers are waiting for you there.