Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This Here Little Unintentional Hiatus

Well, just in case anyone is still dropping in here from time to time, let the notion that I'll be posting meaningfully any time soon be gone from your head. June is shaping up to make May look like the slothful Sunday at the heart of a long weekend.

The corner deli ("Your source for Cosmic Liverwurst since 2003") will reopen on July 4th, which hopefully will signify my independence from some current time-consuming activities in addition to portending a sleepless evening for my kids and the delicious overnight smell of sulfur.

Among the things you have waiting for you upon our return:
  • Tidbits from the Celebration of NJ Journals
  • Upcoming publication news
  • Details on an exciting Spoken Word Series 07-08
  • Complaints about Bobby Abreu's batting average
Please partake of the menu selection to your right in the interim, make sure you stop by the home planet if that's not how you got here, and I'll see you soon.