Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Wordsey

At this Sunday's Celebration of NJ Literary Journals (plus a few neighbors), 24 poets will represent 12 magazines. And those so represented and representing will be:

For US 1 Worksheets: Wanda Praisner, Nancy Scott
For Exit 13: Adele Kenny, John Larkin
Mad Poets Review: Autumn Konopka, Rachel Bunting
For Heliotrope: Cindy Savett, Michael T. Young
For Journal of New Jersey Poets: Sandra Duguid, Alison Nguyen
For Lips: Stanley Barkan, Jim Gwyn

For New York Quarterly: Peter Arcese, Ira Joe Fisher
For Painted Bride Quarterly: Nicole Hefner, Sanjana Nair
Tiferet: Priscilla Orr, Edwin Romond
For Home Planet News: Roberta Gould, Robert Milby
Edison Literary Review: Madeline Tiger, David Vincenti
Paterson Literary Review: Svea Barrett, Joe Weil

And yes, it's THAT Ira Joe Fisher.

More links if I get a chance, which means probably not.

But come anyway!

Friday, May 11, 2007

In which we get to the point

Shanna Compton has a very good essay up at

The severalth annual Celebration of NJ Journals is coming up soon.

The talented and generous Maria Gillan has a new book out.

The next season of Spoken Word Series will be announced next Friday. Smaller? Yes. More power per unit poet? Geeky, but guaranteed.

This weekend is Mother's Day. Go
here for ideas, but skip the Plath.

Back to regularity soon.