Friday, June 23, 2006

Contrary to Popular Opinion...

...I have not, in fact, fallen from the face of the earth. However, I have had precious little time to focus on producing any new creative writings, and I'm just to darned private to tell you why. So speculate away; you get three guesses and the first two don't count.

But I have had some time to do some reading and listening. What reading I've been able to do has focused on a few places:
  • What Will Suffice, has a bunch of interesting commentaries by poets whose "ars poetica" poems were selected for inclusion in this pretty good anthology. Some of it loses me - I think the tendency to inflate good poems to find universality is a bit unchecked in this book, but it still is a nice collection.
  • The latest 32 Poems is quite a strong issue. I've read it three times cover to cover and still find myself discovering things in it. Sandra Beasley's work is up at the website now - work a look and certainly enough for me to renew my subscription.
  • I've rediscovered Discover. It's been a usual practice to grab a copy whenever I have time in an airport, but now, as a subsriber, I'm reinfusing myself with the sense of wonder this magazine has about just about everything. Even if you're not a science geek, you can benefit from at wonder, I promise.

As for listening, my ears have been focused mostly on the soundtrack from Barnum because my kids have fallen in love with the show. It's reminded me of all those great parts I had on my list of "Roles I'd Love to Play" back when I trod the boards frequently: John Adams in 1776, PT Barnum in Barnum, and other assorted blowhards.

Ah, for time for it all....